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Scouts should obey the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the Outdoor Code at all times. Good manners and behaviour are expected at all troop activities. Our "hands off" policy towards others and their property ensures that we have few problems. Senior Scouts and adult leaders maintain discipline within the troop. If a severe behaviour problem occurs, that Scout’s parents will be called to pick him up-from wherever we are! Behaviour problems will be brought to the attention of the troop parents committee for proper action. The troop does not allow any hazing, foul language, fighting, or back talk.

A Scout shirt with proper insignia should be worn to all troop meetings and special Scouting functions such as a Court of Honor, Board of Review, camporee, summer camp, and to other troop events when specified. Wearing your uniform shows Scout spirit and pride in your troop. We encourage every Scout to have a short-sleeve Scout shirt, but wait until he makes Tenderfoot rank so you know he is interested in Boy Scouts and wants to continue.

The W.D. Boyce National Scout Shop, located at the Scout Service Center, 614 N.E. Madison Avenue, Peoria sells Scout uniforms and will sew on all required patches. Troop 200 provides badges of rank, badges of office, 70-year bar, merit badges, and a merit badge sash. The proper location for wearing badges is shown on the inside cover of the Scout Handbook. The troop also has a uniform exchange box with a limited clothing supply.

Class A (Field Uniform)
A Troop 200 neckerchief and slide are provided by the troop to each new boy that joins. This is your uniform until you buy a shirt.

Class B (Activity Uniform)
A troop t-shirt or other Scout t-shirt is acceptable for summer meetings and outings.

The Troop Treasurer maintains an individual account for each boy in the Troop. This money is kept separate from the Troop’s general funds. Scouts earn money for their accounts by participating in the Troop’s fundraising activities. The money is held in a special account to be used for the purchase of a Scout Uniform or equipment, and to pay for Scout activities. (All must be approved by the Scoutmaster). When a Scout leaves the troop, any money left in his account goes into the troop account. It is the goal of Troop 200 not to have any boy denied the Scouting experience because of financial requirements. Please contact the Scoutmaster if you have special needs. Camperships for weekend activities and summer camp are available.
Troop dues are $24 per year, payable by February 1. No weekly dues will be collected at troop meetings. If dues are not paid by February 1, the money will be deducted from the Scout’s bank. If the Scout’s bank will not cover the dues, the Scout will be dropped from the roster March 1, and he will be unable to attend weekly meeting or outings. For new Scouts, the dues will be registration fees.

Activity fees are charged for each event to cover the costs of such things as food, registrations, patches, and transportation. $20.00 is the normal charge, some special events are more.